BROKERHUNTER’S has combined the most effective recruiting elements available into an exclusive annual program for enterprise-level recruiting offices. This package, called the AdvisorPAC, offers enterprise Financial Services employers the most comprehensive digital campaign solutions for recruiting Top Financial Advisors or other hard to find Financial Services professionals. We encourage you to talk with us today to see if AdvisorPac is a viable solution for your needs.

2017 AdvisorPAC Member Benefits include:

Display Banner Advertising on Job Board
  • AdvisorPac members will be allocated 250,000 banner impressions on’s premiere job board ($25,000 value !)
Job Advertising & Sourcing
  • Unlimited Standard SmartAds for your firm
  • 250 Premium Jobs: upgrades. (increases job visibility on average 3x)
  • 10 Top Job Slots: This feature pushes your job to the front page of the site in addition to making it a Top Job within your position category. Statistically improves your views by over 10x over comparable standard job posting.
Marketing & Branding
  • eBlast: Each AdvisorPac member will receive a 1x e-mail blast to our entire subscriber list. Current list is over 78K+. This is a single topic e-mail from you to our OptIn list of Financial Services professionals. ($15,600 value at current size. $.20 name rate card)
  • LinkedIn: Build your brand and market your job opportunities by leveraging the 100,000+ members of the largest Financial Services Groups on LinkedIn. Additionally, AdvisorPAC members can freely share content within our LinkedIn groups.
  • Unlimited Resume Credits: Search within the U.S. from our database of qualified candidates.
  • Candidates by E-mail (CBE): Automated resume search sent directly to your inbox.
The 2017 AdvisorPAC provides the tools that have been the most effective for our clients in one bundled package!


Have more questions? Call David Testerman, VP Enterprise Clients, at 1-888-955-6795 x203 or email to schedule a time to find out  how BROKERHUNTER can help you recruit, market, or build your brand!