Virtual Events


What’s a Virtual Career Fair?

Combine the power of a webinar with a job fair- it’s a virtual career fair! This new option is both cost effective and results driven!

How the Virtual Career Fair Works

Each employer will have its own company page that attendees can visit to learn about their career opportunities and corporate culture. Attendees will “Get in Line” to chat with representatives from the employers they are interested in talking to through text-based chat. Attendees are able to upload their resumes and profile information prior to the live event by registering in advance.

Check out our upcoming Virtual Career Fair now!

Virtual Open House

Single employer recruiting event, similar technology to our Virtual Career Fair, but highlighting just your company! We market and drive engagement for your event.
In addition to content for booths, you will have the fully branded registration page, This event is just your brand from the very start. You also have the ability to upload the following content below. Here are some examples: Vanguard, Deloitte.

  • A background image (usually 1600 px by 1600 px)
  • About us copy (100-300 words)
  • List of roles, locations, skills, minimum requirements
  • Career video
  • Social media channels

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