WebcastPLUS Webinars

Digital career advertising has changed dramatically since we started back in ’99! We understand the challenges that employers and recruiters face every day in their quest to find the right talent to fill critical, mission-essential positions. One of the newest tools we use to advertise your career opportunity is webinars.

webinarsWebinars can address the “buying” patterns of today’s modern Job Seeker!

Here is what we mean – high quality Candidates are not likely to apply to your online job postings until they reach a comfort level with your organization. They want to learn about you, “google” you, ask their friends about you before they will spend the time and take the step of engaging with you. In other words, they need to be nurtured!

Webinars are the perfect tool for addressing these needs! Candidates, especially the good ones, can learn and be persuaded often before you even know their name….this is the nature of today’s employment landscape.

Harness BROKERHUNTER’s platform and drive unprecidented quality traffic to your webinars. You can use our expertise to present your opportunity LIVE on the web to qualified candidates with WebcastPLUS hosted webinars. If you want, BROKERHUNTER can manage the entire webinar process from start to finish for one flat fee, ensuring your viewers a quality experience and an effective lead generation tool for your brand.

WebcastPLUS Webinar Packages Include:

  • 3 dedicated email invitations to promote your webinar
    – Sent to a list of 75,000+ recipients, including subscribers and job seekers
  • BROKERHUNTER will promote your webinar through various social media channels
    – LinkedIn® Groups
    – BROKERHUNTER and Financial Services Career Center™ (FSCC)
    – Sponsored as a LinkedIn Group Discussion
    – LinkedIn Group Announcements sent 9 days and 2 days prior to your event
    – Shared to Social Media: Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+®, YouTube®
  • 50,000 ROS banner impressions on BROKERHUNTER.com promoting event
  • SmartAd job postings promote the upcoming event for 30 days
  • We will record and host a copy of your webinar for 90 days after the event on the BROKERHUNTER YouTube® channel

Pricing: $24,500 per event


“The Webinar experience was fantastic. The BROKERHUNTER team was supportive and provided us a great level of service to ensure its success.”

– A.H. at Charles Schwab


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